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Hyperlocal Marketplace

Only a community united can compete against the corporates. We enable the technology for you to connect with hyperlocal customers & communities and level the playing field. Connect with customers nearby to create a great experience & provide information, availability, prices & deliveries.

Whether you want to attract new customers, offer deliveries, increase sales or improve customer service, join the revolution, to enable you to provide a better service in a safe, fast and easy way. Most importantly you keep 100% of all your earning and what you share is your decision.

  • Connect with Hyperlocal Customers

  • Serve Local Community Faster

  • Easily Take Orders 24/7

  • Enable Private Deliveries with Tracking

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

#Hyperlocal Partner

  • We see ourselves as your partner to help your hyperlocal customer know the value of the services you provide. We help customers find products available at your store and preorder from you 24/7 so that you can serve more and new customers, increase sales, avoid product enquiry phone calls, grow your business fast and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Serve Hyperlocal Customers

    Build you local brand in a safe, fast and easy way

  • Increase sales

    Reach more customers in your target areas, increase local awareness and grow your sales.

  • Display product availability

    Help customers know what is available in your store today and save time for them and yourself.

  • Grow 24/7

    Now make money even while you sleep, we help you take pre-orders from new local customers

  • Enable Delivery Tracking

    Integrate Delivery Tracking Caoabilities within your own website and offer this facility to all customers

Smarter Service

Now display your inventories online, reduce phone calls and don't get confused in who ordered what by doing manual entries. Also earn attractive referral bonuses.

  • Enable Chat Ordering

    Avoid frustrating delivery mistakes by taking orders on chat and clearly communicate with the customer & avoid refunds.

  • Offer a better service

    Help your customers avoid long ques and serve more new local customers safer and faster.

  • Set your terms

    You can set your own payment terms and retrun policy just like you do in your offline store.

  • Serve more customers

    You can now have an army of delivery drivers helping you serve even more customers in your local area.

How it works?

Whats local today is here to provide you an easy online selling experience like never before with re-defined ease, convenience, affordability, and safety.

Setup Store

Download the App and Setup store

Add Stock

Add Products & sell 24 hours a day

Start Selling

Reach new customers & grow

Simple to use

Our easy to use interface goes beyond just buying and selling. You can show availability of products and services in advance, let the customer pre-book them, make online payments, and check real-time updates and track your deliveries.

Available for all devices

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices